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CUSTOMER COMMENT: "Thank you very much for the prompt service. I was more then surprised at the level of service that I have received being this is a holiday weekend. The service has made a 10 hour road trip that begins tomorrow that much more enjoyable with our new audio book. Again thank you for the prompt and courteous service." - D.D.

CUSTOMER COMMENT:   "My first experience with Books in Motion was listening to  WHEN THE FAR HILLS BLOOM ,  written by Diane Noble and read by Kris Faulkner. Kris was superb in her rendition, speaking the part of each character with enthusiasm. Because of Kris' ability to become each character, I have chosen to purchase other books where she is the reader.

    I followed this book with another in the series  presenting,The California Chronicles  1915-1923, entitled AT PLAY IN THE PROMISED LAND, written again by Diane Noble and read by Kris Faulkner. These two books telling of the early Orange Ranches, dry deserts, lack of irrigation in those early years made my imagination run, on how best to save a Rancho.  Having raised my children and taught descendants of these Rancheros, I can highly recommend these books for family listening."    Nancy Kelly

CUSTOMER COMMENT:   " I borrowed an audio cd set, by Bly, and loved it -- discovered it was a Books in Motion recording and searched for your web site and had to buy it for my iTouch.  I really like Stephen Bly's westerns and the reader, Jerry Sciarrio, is fantastic--brings the stories to life!  I plan on purchasing more in the future."

CUSTOMER COMMENT:   " I love audio books, and the thing I like best about your company is the way you label the audiobooks G, PG, and R.  I have no use for foul language.  Your labeling makes it easier to determine the good from the bad.  My wife and I absolutely love Stephen Bly and Gilbert Morris.  I intend to put your link on most of my websites."   Bruce Phelps, Truckers 4 Christ

KNIGHT OF A TRILLION STARS, by DARA JOY (MATRIX OF DESTINY, BOOK 1), Read by Rebecca Cook "An excellent book! Great combination of fantasy and romance with lots of "steamy" chapters. Sure makes my work commute a lot more interesting. I'm on book 2 of the series now.  Kerri G.

FAILURE TO APPEAR By J.A.Jance. Read by Gene Engene  "Engene has a pleasant, gruff, almost gravelly tone, and changes character smoothly through pacing, inflection, and raising or lowering his voice. His no-nonsense rendering is clear, unhurried, and completely in character"  Kliatt Magazine 

"Author Jance depicts the ironies of life, a counterpoint of tragedy and humor. Ably read by Gene Engene, this is recommended for most libraries." AudioFile Magazine

BREACH OF DUTY By J.A. Jance, Read by Gene Engene  "Jance brings insights into the character's personal lives, and Gene Engene's gruff reading perfectly fits Beaumont's world weariness"  Library Journal

"Solid...well-integrated subplot helps drive the action. The result is the kind of high-quality mystery that has gained Jance a loyal and growing following."  Booklist

HARRY DENTON SERIES by Steven Womack "Author Steven Womack was named an 'Edgar Award-Winner' for the first Harry Denton mystery. "Harry has somethng that sets him apart from the rest of the herd. A real hoot."  N.Y. Times

"A deft, atmosphere-rich novel; smart, funny, and filled with a sense of wry heartbreak." James Ellryo

DEAD FOLKS BLUES by Steven Womack "Varela's reading of DEAD FOLKS BLUES, a tale of novice private investigator whose naivete almost results in a catastrophe, is rather unexceptional; yet the undemanding plot, which moves at a steady pace, is appealing." Booklist

COPP FOR HIRE by Don Pendleton “This is full of action, punctuated by Joe's philosophical monologues, plenty of explicit violence and some profanity. This is not a 'must have' for audio collections but it will have listeners hooked.” Library Journal

THE CASE OF THE VANISHING BEAUTY by Richard S. Prather “This is a classic 'shamus' type mystery. Very good and the author has brought that whole spillaine-type feeling” Carolee McKay, Newton County Library Covington GA

“This parody of PI mysteries is well red by Maynard Villers, who provides interesting and depth to the story and characters. Recommended!” Library Journal

LONELY STREET by Steve Brewer “Narrator Gene Engene does an absolutely terrific job of conveying the humor and frantic pace of this comic crime novel. To the folks at Books In Motion, I can only say...thank you, thank you very much. A priority purchase. Library Journal

CHARLIE'S BONES by L. L. Thrasher “Thrasher's work reveals a talent for brisk prose, spirited action and energetic plotting. A solid addition to any collection.” Library Journal

“Thrasher leads her charming gumshoe on a brisk chase; Zach's hard work eventually reaps him some surprising dividends.” Publishers weekly

THE EAGLE CATCHER by Margaret Coel “Coel explores the dual nature of the modern Native American experience, progress verses tradition, in the murder mystery narrated proficiently by Stephanie Brush. Rich characters and a twisting, turning plot make this performance a lively story and well worth purchasing.” Library Journal

THE GHOST WALKER by Margaret Coel “The listener's experience is very enjoyable. Highly recommended for mystery collections. Library Journal

THE SPIRIT WOMAN by Margaret Coel “Coel provides rich detail about reservation life, assimilation into the Anglo world and preservation of the Indian heritage inside an exhilarating plot.” Book Watch

Intriguing Arapaho and Shoshone history and realistic treatment of contemporary Native American issues make this sixth installment in the series a winner.” Library Journal

THE STORY TELLER by Margaret Coel “I would recommend to people who like Tony Hillerman and Lillian Braun.” Jean Stevens, Levittown Regional Library, Levittown PA

“The story was very well done. A different type of murder mystery.” Pam Stevenson LA County Library System, Lancaster CA

THE STORY KNIFE by Brad Reynolds “Reynolds is an active Jesuit priest and brings to his stories a degree of authenticity and depth that adds to their interest. Reader Kevin Foley does well with the main characterization and with the tongue-twisting Eskimo words. Most public libraries will find this a popular item to add to their audio collections.” Library Journal

“The Story Knife, less interesting as a mystery than as an examination of Inuit customs and the Jesuitical training of the would-be detective, is narrated with admirable clarity by Foley.” Booklist

THE PUMPKIN SEED MASSACRE by Susan Slater “Recommended for public and academic libraries where interest in the Southwest is high.” Library Journal

DEATH OF A GARDEN PEST by Ann Ripley “Ripley tells her gripping tale in engaging, down-to-earth prose, interjecting bits of gardening advise, among clues left by the killer.” Publisher's Weekly

THE PLAINSWOMAN by Irene Bennett Brown "To view THE PLAINSWOMAN as strictly women's western fiction narrows it's appeal and is inaccurate besides. Readers of both genders enjoy good storytelling and this novel provides some of the best." "Best Western Paperback - 1995" Roundup Magazine

PRIVATE JUSTICE by Terri Blackstock "This tense and exciting thriller is more than a fabulous read; it has an underlying message about the place of religion within a marriage. Another winner from Blackstock. Hightly recommended."  Library Journal

DEATH OF A POLITICAL PLANT by Ann Ripley “I would recommend this audiobook to fans of light mysteries, fans of Mrs. Polyfax mysteries.” Debbie Marrs, Ocala Library Co-Op, Shalimar FL

 HOUR OF THE HUNTER by J. A. Jance “I have just completed listening to J. A. Jance's book HOUR OF THE HUNTER and what a great book it was!” Eddie Burkhalter, Customer

 KISS OF THE BEES By J.A. Jance “I would recommend to people who like thrillers. An enjoyable encounter.” Kathy Mitchum, Great Bend Library System, Great Bend KS

 MORNING GLORY AFTERNOON by Irene Bennett Brown “This audiobook would appeal to all listeners, especially the older group who remember the 1920's.” Mona Stevenson, Warren-Trumbell Library, Warren OH

“ The story is a nicely done historical tale, recommended for both Adults and Young Adults.” Jill Soloman, Springfield-Green County Library, Springfield MO

 SOLIDER IN PARADISE by John Mort “Mort has written powerfully and with dark humor about the meaninglessness and terror of war, the fighting man's degrading return to an ungrateful homeland, and the quest for redemption. SOLIDER IN PARADISE is proof that art can wrest something beautiful from the ugliest matter in the pit of evil.” Kansas City Star

 “Intelligent, sensitive and unflaggingly honest; a novel deserving of it's place among the chronicles not only of that war but of its era.” Kirkus Reviews

 KING SOLOMON'S MINES by Haggard H. Rider “The novel is the real treasure. The story, while written many years ago, is still fresh and exciting. Any age will enjoy it.” Kliatt

 SHADOW OF DOUBT by Terri Blackstock "Blackstock's second mystery in the Newpoint 911 series is a real page-turner, with some exciting sequences and a truly surprising ending. Libraries looking for mysteries with a strong Christian element should find this book pleasing to most patrons." Library Journal

 THIS PRESENT DARKNESS by Frank E. Peretti "The superbly fiendish reading by Jack Sondericker, employing an incredible range of voices, reaches greater heights of horror than does the author's prose. Recommended for popular collections with a wide Christian audience." Library Journal

 HONOR'S DISGUISE by Kristen Heitzmann "Heitzmann offers another action packed Western for fans of this Christian Fiction series." Library Journal

 CODE OF THE WEST SERIES by Stephen Bly “Bly provides rip-roaring Western adventure action in the tradition of Louis L. Lamour, filled with humorous characters, and an abiding appreciation for the Lords' mysterious ways.” Library Journal

 THE HAWKS OF KAMALON by Michael Reisig “The HAWKS OF KAMALON is a heart-hammering adventure in the tradition of Robert Heinlein and Jack Higgins but it also examines the parameters of faith and friendship, the qualities that define civilization, and the width and depth of spirit.” Booklist

 THE GODS OF MARS By Edgar Rice Burroughs “The action and descriptions rival any science fiction written today. Amazing.” The Publisher

 THE WARLORD OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs “Reader Engene sounds like a kindly uncle with a flair for describing characters and action scenes. His deep voice moves effortlessly from snarl to stalwart bravery as he differentiates each character in the listener's mind.” AudioFile

 “His narration is easy and well paced and his voice is strong and appealing. The tale is book 3 of a series but the listener can drop in as easily as on any Star Trek episode. Good listening for those who like a taste of the old as well as listeners who enjoy Star Trek, Piers Anthony, etc.” Kliatt

 TRANSCONTINENTAL by Gary McCarthy “A superb reading by Maynard Villers brings to vibrant life the wide range of characters in this passion filled tale of the rush to unite the young nation's coasts via railroad.” Library Journal

 MUSTANG FEVER by Gary McCarthy “As part of the Derby Man series, this story involves the hero's exposure to the extermination of wild mustangs by an unscrupulous rancher. Darby assembles a crew to save the horses. Their suspenseful endeavors are enthusiastically read by Gene Engene. Recommended for Western collections.” Library Journal

 THE PONY EXPRESS WAR by Gary McCarthy “Gene Engene's reading is, as usual, perfect. This novel is a thrilling mixture of fact and fiction.” Library Journal

 DEATH OF AN EAGLE by Kirby Jonas “DEATH OF AN EAGLE is a tour-de-force of poetic description, sharp period dialogue, and the kind of action that whitens ones' knuckles. Kirby Jonas is one of the best new finds in an American genre that continues to grow and deepen.” Loren Estleman

 TRAILIN' by Max Brand “TRAILIN' by Max Brand is an exciting tale by one of the most prolific writers of Westerns of his time. The dramatic reading by Maynard Villers Provides listeners with a vast panorama of villainy, heroism, excellent farce, chicanery, and even romance. Western buffs of all ages will enjoy this program. Highly recommended.” Library Journal

 WHITE FANG by Jack London “Engene is expert at bringing out the darker elements of the story. Engene is right up there with Frank muller who reads for Recorded Books.” Philadelphia Inquirer

 BURNING DAYLIGHT by Jack London “The story is a sensitive and stimulating portrayal of London's values and opinions that can also be enjoyed as a tale of romance and adventure. Narrator Tim Behrens captures all of the narrative's rambunctious, vicious, and tender qualities. Libraries should stronly consider purchasing this classic.” Library Journal

 THE VISION IS FULFILLED  by Kay L. McDonald "Laurie Klein's expressive interpretation helps the listener feel the pain endured by immigrants traveling by wagon train." AudioFile

 LITTLE BRITCHES SERIES by Ralph Moody "Ralph Moody's books should be read aloud in every family circle in America." Chicago Tribune

 "Enthusiastically recommended for young and old." Library Journal

 MARINE SNIPER by Charles Henderson "Marine Sniper is one of the best of the military books available with much suspense. It tells how one of the Vietnam heroes served his country with great pride and honor. It also tells how the sniper saved lives and earned the purple heart." War Chronicles

 COMBAT PAY by Curt Messex "No sound effects mar this excellent presentation. The combined efforts of author and reader provide vivid images of war from the vantage point of a C-130 cockpit." Audio File

 THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS by Harold Bell Wright "A definite worthwhile book for anyone who is looking for some meaning in their life." Bookworm

 A GIRL OF THE LIMBERLOST by Gene Stratton-Porter "A fascinating tale about a coming of age and the finding of love. A great book for all ages." Kliatt

 LADDIE by Gene Stratton-Porter "Winner of the AudioFile Earphone Award" for truly exceptional audiobooks.

 AT THE FOOT OF THE RAINBOW by Gene Stratton-Porter "Stratton-Porter delves into the relationship between two longtime friends, in a turn of the century, Mid-Western setting." Library Journal

GREAT EXPECTATIONS by Charles Dickens "Reader Gene Engene commands a theater of the mind with his amazing variety and range of voices and characterizations." Library Journal

 “I have just finished listening to Mr. Engene read GREAT EXPECTATIONS, and it has been one of the most delightful experiences I have ever encountered. I felt like applauding Mr. Engene's performance at the end of the book. Thank you for a great reading.” Marion Sieffert, Attorny, Greenville SC

 THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett “While the three unabridged versions are each performed dramatically, they vary greatly. Klein provides a clear, sweet delivery. Her phrasing and character voices create a comfortable easy listening experience that will delight all ages.” Kliatt

 THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN by Mark Twain “Tim Behrens' Huckleberry is the youngest sounding, therefore, the most believable. His pacing is good as is his understanding of the novel and his sincerity in transmitting it excites the listener. Behrens acting ability carries the day, and we are treated to the feast of voices and dialects that make up, in large part, the magic of THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN.” Library Journal

 “The recording from Books In Motion is probably the best of those now on the market. Tim Behrens' dramatic narration, with its dazzling array of accents and voices, is a virtuoso performance.AudioFile

 THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS by Kenneth Grahame “Listeners are treated to the best of storytelling, as Langbehn leads listeners by the hand into the world of the river bank, and Toad Hall. An enjoyable alternative to cuddling up with the book.” Library Journal

 ANNE OF GREEN GABLES by L.M. Montgomery “Reader Klein's style brings out all the humor and exuberance of the characters. The language of the story is perfect for the audiobook format.” Kliatt

 ANNE OF AVONLEA by L.M. Montgomery “The reading is crisp and clear but warm and suitable for the changes in tempo necessary to project feelings, or 'soul,' as Anne describes it. Klein's understanding of the characters and her interpretations are fitting and true.” Kliatt

 AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS by Juels VerneThe reading is fast-paced and expressive and pretty darn funny. The quality of the recording is near perfection.” Library Journal

 DONT MEAN NOTHIN by John Mort Vietnam War Stories. Mort served in Vietnam in 1969 and 1970 with the U.S. First Cavalry, and these 12 original stories are based on his wartime experiences. Engene’s reading has an offhand, gruff quality that nicely complements the occasionally graphic tales; his expressive tones lend an air of palpable authenticity. Relating details about a soldier assigned to single-handedly load corpses into a pickup truck while body parts tear off and cover him with maggots, Engene’s pace is nicely understated, setting the stage for a more metaphysical—perhaps drug-induced—adventure under the stars with a very strange Cambodian prostitute. Or is she a prostitute? For listeners who served in Vietnam, the gritty stories will take them back to the turmoil of the war, which consumed and affected the U.S. during this era, and for others, this capably read audio introduces a disturbing chapter in human experiences on a very personal level.  — Mike Tribby, Booklist


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