All Titles in Series, Cont'd

All Titles In A Series, Continued. 

Nightwalker Series      Sci/Fi, after the bomb.
Northern Lights Series Romance. This is an epic saga of perserverance, passion, faith, and fidelity.
Old California Series Romance. Inspirational women in old California.
Omega Series Christian Fiction. The Apocalypse has just begun....
Organ Harvesters Series, The Medical Thriller. Dr. Zoe Hidalaga contracts a deadly virus but only privileged get the cure...
Our American West Series    Non-Fiction.  Humor, tragedy and courage in  short stories about the famous old west.
Outback Series    Historic Adventure in the Australian Outback.
Outcasts Series    Western.  The unwelcome and unwanted, "Outcasts", five band together to fight injustice.
Owen Allison Series    Mystery.  Government Auditor Owen Allison finds dead bodies amid failed government policies.
Paul Jacobson Series Mystery. Crotchety octogenarian Paul Jacobson becomes an amateur sleuth.
Peacekeepers Series    Sci/Fi  After major world earthquake destroys.
Penetrator Series - Action/Adventure. High action series from author Chet Cunningham.
Phantasmic Wars Series - Fantasy. Join Tom, Katie, Chad, Melissa & Sharice as they adventure through Phantasmagoria.
Posadas County Mystery Series  MysteryEstelle Guzman takes over for Bill Gastner.
Project Enterprise - Science Fiction. What doesn't kill Sara Donovan makes her stronger. She's on a mission!
Protectors Series, The    Mystery.  CIA Operative John Burke seeks the truth.
Quaker and the Confederate Series   Romance Drama, first of a romantic series set amid the drama of the Civil War.
Quest Series    Mystery.  Meet Metro Homicide Detective Chastity Tempest Taggart, law in Vegas.
Quinn Shannon Series  Mystery. Detective Quinn investigates Washington D.C. political crimes.
Retta Barre's Oregon Trail Series YA Western. You won't want to miss young lady Retta and friends' next adventure!
Richard Mariner Series    Mystery.  Captain Richard Mariner & crew struggle against the storm tossed Atlantic.
Riverboat Series    Riverboat stories of a gambler, a landowner, chambermaid, and runaway slave are told.
Rivers West Series    Nineteen great rivers of the western wilderness play a role in this western series.
River City Crime Series   Police Mystery.  Four book series, meet the patrol officers of River City.
Robyn Kelly Series    Mystery.  Robyn Kelly deals with conflict as Patient Relations Manager for Madrona Bay Hospital.
Rocky Mountain Series   Western Romance.  Headstrong young woman loves frontier life in the Colorado Rockies.
Ron Shade Series Mystery. Detective Ron Shade uncovers missing persons and more with lots of twists.
Roswell Series    Sci/Fi  Max Griffin heads out into the desert. What he finds is not of this world.
Route 66 Series   Drama.  As teens, Teague and Wendie starred in a popular television show, The Lost Romance Ranch.
Ryder Series  Historical/Western. Josh comes to the Rawlins' ranch and hires on to help drive a herd of longhorns to Kansas.
Sabers From The Brazos Series    The story of Terry's Texas Rangers and four officers who led them through victorious battles.
Samantha Sweet Series    Mystery.  With a combination of mystery, romance and the paranormal
Sam Casey Series    Samantha Casey is a cop and part Native American with a unique ability to hear the dead speak.
Santorray's Privations Series  Fantasy.  With extinction looming, Santorray unleashes his uncontrollable outrage!
Savage Series    Romance.  Captured by Comanches Shirleen not only copes she finds a new love.
Scream Series    Murder, mayhem and psychopathic killers.
Seven Archangels Saga, The Fantasy. Features each of the seven Archangels of the Presence in their own stories.
Shanji Trilogy Science Fiction. Bring down the feudal empire on Shanji and establish a progressive society.
Shards Of Shadow Series. Urban Fantasy. Photographer Alan wonders if shadows have mind of their own?
Shatttered Worlds Series Fantasy. Save humanity from oblivion and prevent war between elves and men
Shawgo Series    Western.  The Texas Rangers. This is the story of one of those men. Shawgo—Texas Ranger.
Shell Scott Series    Mystery.  SHELL SCOTT, the shamus who has Sherlock whirling in his grave.
Sheriff Charles Matthews Series Mystery. Crawford County, Texas, no homicides in 80 years. Times changed.
Sheriff Detective Kendall Stark Series   Mystery. The bodies are found in towns and cities around Puget Sound.
Sheriff Detective Ned Cody Series    Western.  Sheriff Ned Cody fights lawlessness in the old west.
Silver Call Series    Fantasy.   McKiernan's world-that-never-was has taken its place beside J R R Tolkien's Middle-Earth.
Silver Sisters Series   Mystery.  Twin sisters Goldie and Godiva find themselves in some very hot water.
Skylark Series    Sci/Fi.  Meet genius inventor and interplanetary adventurer Dr. Richard Seaton of the Skylark.
Spanish Bit Saga Series  Western Indians master the "Elk Dog", the horse, and become strong warriors.
Specialists Series   Meet an elite group of the FBI, Navy Seals, CIA, Britain's MI-6, and Israel's Mossad.
STEN Series    Sci/Fi.  Sten—Imperial bodyguard, spy, assassin, renegade—leads humanity’s fight for survival.
Steve Dancy Series   1879, Newyorker Steve Dancy ventures west to explore and write a journal about his adventures.
Steven Garneau Series   Mystery.  Detectives Steve Garneau and Terry Bolton follow the clues.
Stuart Brannon Series   Western, Christian.  Stuart Brannon fights injustice wherever he finds it.
Tally Whyte Series   Mystery.  Tally Whyte lives with death every day, counseling families of homicide victims.
Talon Force Series    Action.  The newly formed TALON Force fights terrorists around the globe.
Tarzan Series    Classic.  Tarzan of the Apes.  The legend begins.
T.C. Bogner Series    Action.  Meet National Security Operative, Commander T.C. Bogner.
Tenderfoot Trilogy Western. Harrison Wilke in the old west where gunfighters roamed and love was fleeting.
Thorik Dain's Journeys   Fantasy.  A new world to Thorik Dain with magic, altered beasts, & battle-risen undead.  
Tilli Of Kingsfoot Series Fantasy. She could be the first female NUM to become an E’rudite...but at what cost?
Timuras Trilogy    Fantasy.  Meet Safar Timura, greatest wizard of the age.
Tony Caruso Series    Mystery.  P. I. Tony Caruso lives out of his Ford pickup along with his two dogs.
Tracy Eaton Series    Meet Tracy Eaton, mystery writer, detective wannabe, & offspring of eccentric Hollywood stars.
Trail Series - Western. Jess Darringer avenges the death of a love and battles tough cowboys.
Twist of Fate Series   Drama.  At 16 Jeanette Connor learns how much physical and mental pain she can stand?
Tye Watkins Series   Western.  Tye Watkins, Chief of Scouts patrols along the Texas Mexican border.
Tyranny's Series   Sci/Fi  The future of Earth and her colonies are in jeopardy.
Tyler Vance Series    Mystery.  Tyler Vance special operative - a trained killer 20 years ago, defends his son.
Val Steffanson   Historical Western.  Val Steffanson rides for the Maltese Cross Outfit, Teddy Roosevelt's ranch.
Vietnam Special Forces Series    War.  Autobiographical story of a young very gung ho Green Beret in Vietnam.
Vision Of The Eagle Series    Western.  As a captive of a Sioux chieftain, Abigail was fated to experience a living hell.
Walker Family Series   Mystery. Psychopath Andrew Carlisle brings terror into the home of the Walker family.
Wade Jackson Series   Mystery.  Meet Police Detective Wade Jackson as he takes on crime.
Warlings Series Sci/Fi. When Ornax Milwok decided he wanted an adventure, he set his sights on Earth!
Weapon Of Fire & Ash Series Fantasy. Emma discovers she has the power to kill monsters with a single touch.
Wilderness Series    Western.  Best-selling Mountain Man Series.
Wolf Caulder Series Western. Wolf Caulder had a reason for living: to kill
Women Of Paragon Springs  Romance. Historical romance out in the Old West. Life struggles, love and more.
Wrath Trilogy Christian. Follows a fictional family in Texas who discovers the truth about the Rapture.
Yellowstone Series Western/Adventure. Stories collide around the world’s largest volcano in Yellowstone National Park. 


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