Thank you for your interest in becoming a Books In Motion Narrator.

Our narrators traditionally have a radio or theater background, are able to create alternate and distinct character voices, and maintain these voices throughout the course of a book.  We record in our studios here in Spokane, Washington, though we also utilize narrators with access to their own remote studio.

When auditioning for narration: submit a recording, preferably in mp3 format, that is 5 to 10 minutes in length. Radio spots, industrial voice over work etc. will not suffice to show us your storytelling abilities. Select a book that you enjoy and that has a few different characters. We will be listening for your pacing, your ability to transition from one character to another, and if you are auditioning as a remote (home studio) narrator, we will also be paying attention to the audio quality of the recording that you submit.

To get an idea of what we are looking for and expecting, visit some of the audiobooks posted in the Categories section of our website and listen to a few audio clips from different readers.    

Submit your sample recording and contact information to  If we feel that your abilities may fit our needs, we will contact you about rates and availability.



We accept original manuscripts as well as published books. Please contact Books In Motion by phone 1-(800)-752-3199 or email in advance of sending the manuscript or book for consideration.

  • For manuscripts:  We prefer those that have been edited and cleaned. The author should keep a copy, since the submitted document may not be able to be returned. A letter of introduction and a synopsis of the story should be included with the manuscript.
  • For published books:  Please indicate whether the author owns the rights to the audio and is free to contract directly with Books In Motion, or whether a recording contract would need to be negotiated with a third-party agent or publisher.  A letter of introduction and a synopsis of the book content should be included with the book.
  • For E-Books: Please email in advance of sending the manuscript or book for consideration.


  • Submissions will be acknowledged upon receipt.
  • Our review of the submission may take up to several weeks, before a decision is reached.
  • You may contact our Submissions Department at any time during the review process, to inquire status or provide additional information.
  • Once our review is completed, you will be contacted and informed of our decision.
  • Manuscripts and books that are considered well-suited to audio and that are a good fit with our Books In Motion clientele will be offered a recording/marketing contract. Terms of the contract will be discussed at time of the offer.


     Submissions Department

     Books In Motion

     9922 E. Montgomery - Suite 31

     Spokane Valley, WA 99206